[ SwiftUI ] Object Animation parameter behavior comparison


This article shows the behavior comparison regarding which parameter is indicated in the animation modifier in the Object, such as Circle, Rectangle, and so on, in SwiftUI. Since it is better for us to look at the actual behavior than the words, I will show you the movie how each animation parameter reflects the Object move behavior. Xcode: 13.2.1 iOS: 15.2 Swift: 5 Types of animation parameters in SwiftUI First, let’s confirm the official document. According to this document, there are five types of animation parameters that can be set in the animation modifier. default easeIn easeOut easeInOut linear Let’s take a look at it briefly. default Nothing is mentioned … Read more

[SwiftUI] Implement Mapbox Map View with SwiftUI – Create Map View

Since we completed the required environment set up in the previous article, I would like to implement the Mapbox map view with SwiftUI. If you didn’t complete the environment setup yet, please refer to the previous article to proceed with the contents of this article. You may think that the most simple quick start has been provided officially and it will help to create a view just by copy and paste. But unfortunately, it’s not true. Actually, the official site provides the simple sample code to create a map view, however, that code is not compatible with SwiftUI as it is. Therefore,  first of all, I will introduce the UIViewRepresentable … Read more

[SwiftUI] Implement Mapbox Map View with SwiftUI – Preparation

At this time, in the second half of 2021, Apple Map has still not had less functionality with SwiftUI so far. However, we can implement more map functionality with third parties such as Google Maps Platform. But Google Maps Platform has increased its cost so that someone might hesitate to use it because of its higher cost like me. So, I will introduce how to implement the Mapbox which might be a secondary choice of the major map services other than Apple Map. In this article, I would like to introduce the steps as follows to use Maps SDK for iOS which can be utilized with Xcode.  Also, mentions the … Read more