Cloud Run


Deploy the Vue3 Docker image to the Google Cloud Run

Through the series of articles, I've introduced several preparation things, such as "Build a Docker image" or "Push the Docker image". All these articles are the required prerequisites for the goal of this article, to deploy a Vue3 application included in the Docker image into the Google Cloud Run.

Create the Docker Image with Vue3 for the Google Cloud Run

If we would like to develop a Vue.js application and run it locally, there would be no issue to do that for everyone. However, once we would like to publish the application to the internet, it might be an issue for someone because there are so many options or steps to achieve it. So I would like to introduce the steps to deploy a Vue3 application into the Google Cloud Run through the series of articles.

[ GCP / Firebase ] Web アプリ デプロイ 先 サービス 比較 Cloud Functions for Firebase, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run and App Engine

Google が提供する Cloud Functions, App Engine, Cloud Run, Firebase といった Serverless Computing サービス について、 アプリ の デプロイ 選定の参考になればと思い、特徴を整理し比較してみました。