WordPress で Discussion セクション を再表示する方法

WordPress の 各投稿の設定の一つである Discussion について、 設定変更しようとしても 稀に Discussion セクション が表示されていないことがあります。今回の記事では 消えてしまった Discussion セクション を再表示する方法について紹介していきます。

Develop a minimum WordPress theme from scratch

In this article, I would like to introduce the first step to developing a WordPress theme, develop a minimum theme. I think this article helps those who want to create their own WordPress theme for the first time. I recommend using a Development environment running on the Docker Desktop separated from the Production environment.

Install WordPress on Docker Desktop on your PC, then Migrate

In this article, I would like to introduce how to prepare the WordPress environment on the PC utilizing the Docker Desktop. Some of you might face some issues when you changed some configurations or installed some plugins. Anyway, it's a better method to keep your WordPress clean so that you can check the visibility or feasibility of this kind of local environment in advance.

Deploy the Vue3 Docker image to the Google Cloud Run

Through the series of articles, I've introduced several preparation things, such as "Build a Docker image" or "Push the Docker image". All these articles are the required prerequisites for the goal of this article, to deploy a Vue3 application included in the Docker image into the Google Cloud Run.

Push the Docker image to the Google Container Register

This article is a part of the series, "Publish the Vue3 Docker Image to Google Cloud Run". I would like to introduce the steps from the preparation of the docker push command so that we can push the Docker image to the Google Container Register (GCR) we can deploy the container to the Google Cloud Run from there.

Create the Docker Image with Vue3 for the Google Cloud Run

If we would like to develop a Vue.js application and run it locally, there would be no issue to do that for everyone. However, once we would like to publish the application to the internet, it might be an issue for someone because there are so many options or steps to achieve it. So I would like to introduce the steps to deploy a Vue3 application into the Google Cloud Run through the series of articles.

Recap the essential Docker commands

In this article, I would like to recap the essential Docker commands that will be used in the upcoming articles of this series of posts. What those essential Docker commands take part in this series is creating Docker Image that is optimized for the Google Cloud Run. I would like to explain the essential commands to achieve this focusing as little as I can.

Install Docker on the M1 Mac environment

In this article, I will explain the Docker installation steps on the M1 Mac PC. Actually, there are no cumbersome steps compared with the other major environments. Only we can do is follow the steps introduced on the Docker Official Site.

Vue3 + TypeScript 開発環境で 環境変数 を利用する方法 (.env ファイル)

Vue.js アプリケーション を開発するにあたり、 パスワード や API Key といった 慎重に取り扱うべき データ を用いる局面が多々あります。 本記事では Vue3 + TypeScript + Vite 環境 で 環境変数 を用いることで この問題に対処する方法を紹介していきます。